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XF.Server helps to create high performance TCP/IP application servers

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XF.Server Description

XF.Server is a component for creating high performance TCP/IP application servers using .NET platform. It provides a scalable, ready for multicore processors solution.

Server core is implemented using unmanaged C++ code that uses optimized WinSock API and I/O completion port to provide most effective network programming model.
XF.Server leaves far behind any server that uses .NET Socket class or socket component.

Use .NET platform and your favorite language to develop robust server applications. Easy programming model allows you to create server applications just in minutes.

Extremely fast server component allows to create robust server applications. High performance achieved using I/O completion port, Threads and resources reuse, native C++ server core that minimizes transitions from managed to unmanaged code.

Network I/O processing uses threading model that is ready for muti-core processors and easily scales for additional CPU's.

Professional support is available for all XF.Server component users.

Resource pools provide objects reuse and complete control over the memory. Threading model that is used in XF.Server minimizes context switches and CPU usage.

.NET platform provides security mechanism to protect from execution of the maliciuos code. Secure and stable server is a requirement for enterprise application, which is available out of box.

Unique feature that allows to process network requests according to their priorities. This allows to process a request with higher priority immedeately.

Enterprise clients can request complete source code for XF.Server component.

XF.Server Screenshots

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What's New in XF.Server 1.0

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XF.Server Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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